Conference Update

Hello from the conference committee!

As you will know, our call for papers closes on Friday 9th March, so get your abstracts in before midnight on Friday if you would like the chance to present your paper in May!

We have been having a lot of fun with the organisation, and we wanted to give everyone an update on some of the things which you can look forward to at the conference.

Sign Language Workshop from Eilidh Rose McEwan

As the conference is keen to explore a variety of ways in which we connect with each other, we are pleased to say that Eilidh Rose McEwan (University of Central Lancaster) will be leading a sign language workshop. Eilidh is currently undertaking her PhD at the International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies (iSLanDS), and is part of their Deaf Multiliteracies project. Her PhD is on deaf agency in the global south, and focuses on the experiences of deaf participants in workshops that aim to enhance access to English literacy among deaf people in India, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, and Nepal. Eilidh is going to be giving us a short talk as well as leading a sign workshop at the conference. We are delighted to be hosting such a relevant event to the topic of Connections.

If you would like to know more about the iSLanDS then you can visit their WordPress here:

Transatlantic Literary Women Roundtable

A couple of weeks ago we announced on our Twitter that our friends over at the Transatlantic Literary Women series were going to host a roundtable discussion. We have a further announcement today, that the topic of the discussion will be on partial suffrage, to mark the 2018 centenary of partial female suffrage in the UK. We can’t wait for this exciting addition to the conference, and will include further details when we have our full conference programme drawn up. If you are not familiar with TLW, they are a Glasgow-based series committed to exploring the lives and writings of transatlantic women in all genres, from the early nineteenth-century to the present day.

If you would like to know more, or stay up-to-date with their events then you can follow them on twitter @atlantlitwomen, check out their WordPress (, or sign up for their newsletter. We happen to know that TLW have a film screening planned for April and will be announcing more on that this week, so keep your eyes peeled!


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